why smoking is bad for health?

It is known to all that smoking is bad for health, not because it increases the risk of diseases but also it can lower self-esteem, which is the worse thing. So, it’s not necessary to put the life of one in danger. Smoking can cause diseases like stroke, cancer, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and heart disease. As we all know that these all are life-threatening diseases. Though young people usually don’t care about those diseases that might strike them a long time after, it is necessary to quit this habit before it’s too late. As life is larger than habits of course.

1.Bad smell

Though it is not an issue for those who smokes, but it is quite irritating for those who never smoke, to inhale the bad smell of the smoker. A chain smoker will never realize about the smell of the smokables. It is said that the smokers are always sensitive about the smell. If one can smell this particular odor, they will not resist to smoke that time, as it is a kind of addiction. So, it’s necessary to quit smoking not for themselves but for other people’s sake also.

2.Decreases the sense of smell and taste

It is not all that a smoker will have the smell like an ashtray, but they will lose their own smelling abilities and tasting abilities. As the smoke goes directly through the nose, the smelling buds inside the nose will be harmed a lot and as the smoke will go inside the mouth, it will decrease the sense of taste buds as well. That’s why, when a smoker quit smoking, the food craving increased dramatically for them. They start eating more food for at least 3 to 4 months and after that this starts to become normal like before. So, it is necessary to quit smoking.

3. Start aging fast

The main thing about aging prematurely is smoking. As one smokes a regular basis, they will be at risk of losing their skin health. They will become rough and will start aging it gradually. Not only this, the tars of the smokables will gather around the face of a smoker. That’s why many people who smoke have spots on their faces because of the toxic properties from the smokables. As there will be in need of the movement of faces, it will cause wrinkles around the lips.

4.Social threat

As smoking is dangerous not for smokers only, but for those who are inhaling those smoke secondarily, it is seen to marginalize smokers. It is bad for them actually to being marginalized. But it is also the truth that if they smoke around the nonsmoker people, they will likely have issues that they will regret later. As the toxic substances of the cigarette will harm the nonsmoker people a lot. So, smoking can make a person unwanted in a social gathering.

5.Hard to find a mate

As most people know all the impacts of smoking, one will not allow his children to be mingled with a smoker. All the dating sites and marital sites are in need of people who never smoke. No one will want to put them into danger. So, it’s hard to find a preferable mate for a smoker. It is also seen that if a smoker quit the habit of smoking, he can never be able not to smoke in the time of stress. So, it’s hard to quit the addiction.

6.Chances of getting impotence

As smoking can cause harm to find a partner, it can also make man impotence. As the toxic factors of the cigarette mix with blood vessels, it can make a man, infertile. That will be a great problem afterward.

7.Chances of increased infection

It can be seen that the smokers get viral infections more often than a nonsmoker person. It is because they are more likely to harm their resistance system, for that they usually get sick often. They are high at the risk of getting bacterial infections as well. Tiny hairs that are called cilia that usually line the respiratory tract, including the bronchial tubes, they are there to prevent us from infection. But smoking itself damage the condition of the functioning system. So, it becomes damaged, so, people risk their lives to smoke.

8.Makes one danger for other people

Passive smoking is far more dangerous as we know. So, smoking makes one dangerous for other people. It causes 50000 deaths every year and it consists of more than 4500 separate chemicals in a tobacco puff, those are dangerous for health and more than 40 of them are known as carcinogens. The passive smokers tend to have heart attacks and strokes often.

9.The impacts of physical activity

People often complain that the physical activities that they used to do before, became much difficult after addicting towards smoking. As the one who could be able to do many more physical works like jogging, running, going up using stairs, they are getting tired doing this kind of activity. Smoking makes people more exhausted as it takes efforts and energies to inhale the smoke inside the body. Not only that the smoke of it makes a body of a person damaged unlike before.

10.Cost of those things

As we know, cigarettes are available in the market, and they are of high cost. It can be said that if one can avoid smoking, he will more likely save much of his money. Addiction to smoking can make a person ruined by all means. Not only he will ruin his health but he will definitely lose his money, social status as well.

Conclusion:  There are many things in the world that we can enjoy, but it is not desired to invite some danger in one’s life without any cause. Smoking is bad, we all know that, but we need to be aware of having the side effects of it. If one became aware of it, he will be able to quit the bad habit.

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