Tips for losing weight: what to look out for!

  1. No strict juice or powder detox

Sounds strange, because wherever you go, a detox juice cure is advertised, but it doesn’t really make sense, according to nutritionists and experts. According to this, a too strict detox cure, in which nothing is consumed except juices or even mixed powder drinks over a long period of time, can even cause devastating damage to the body and is therefore more unhealthy than healthy. Anything that is supposed to make you happier, healthier, leaner, and stronger in seven days should be questioned. You also save your wallet if you keep your hands off such expensive cures. Detox in moderation as a natural detox cure, on the other hand, can certainly help the body to regenerate, but you should pay attention to a healthy lifestyle overall.

It’s better than a strict detox regimen to enjoy a healthy smoothie every now and then. In our picture gallery we have 30 recipes for delicious smoothies that you can use to lose weight:

  1. No prohibitions

Anyone who has been on a diet knows that when certain foods are banned, you want to eat them all the more! If you then have a bad conscience, you are more inclined to eat all of the chocolate right away, because after a piece of the “forbidden fruit” it doesn’t matter anyway. A total ban on less healthy foods is therefore pointless and will sooner or later lead to a relapse. Better to enjoy here and there and still not lose sight of the goal.

  1. Step by step

Those who want to lose weight often change their diet from one day to the next and suddenly do without anything that is unhealthy. But that is exactly what often makes many fail! Experts therefore advise you to slowly change your eating habits step by step. First one meal, then the second, and so on. It is best to think about beforehand which meal change will have the greatest effect on the desired goal.

  1. Always slowly

Exercise is just as important as diet in order to stay healthy, to get or lose weight. Anyone who undertakes to go to sport five times a week and give full power will quickly reach their limits. If you have never done sport before or want to start again after a long time, you should take it slowly and increase it step by step. Go to fitness two times a week, then three times after four weeks, and so on. And maybe not choose the power cycling course right away, but swing on the treadmill.

Have you overdone it with sport or have you just started again after a long break and now you are tormented by sore muscles? In our video we reveal 5 tips against nasty muscle pain:

  1. Only eat out for special occasions

If you cook yourself at home, you have control over how healthy or unhealthy the dish is. So if you want to lose weight, you should prepare a lot freshly yourself. Eating out is rather difficult because you never know which products are used and, above all, which unnecessary, unhealthy additives are included. So eating in a restaurant should definitely be an exception and reserved for special occasions – but this can be the weekend.

  1. To-do list

Anyone who has a stressful everyday life tends to postpone the workout rather than doing it. It helps to create a to-do list that provides a precise overview of the daily workload and available time for a training session. Planning also helps to ultimately do what you set out to do.

  1. Avoid unnecessary snacks

Those who work in the office feel the need to get up and take a short break from time to time. Many associate this with a snack. Just walk into the cafeteria, stretch your legs and get a chocolate bar. Get a coffee , chat with a colleague – that’s a short break too.

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